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About Taste of Houston Food Tours

Taste of Houston Food Tours provides a wide range of cultural and culinary experiences in the form of tours, events, and activities. We also operate a number of activites marketed by the City of Houston and the Greater Area Convention and Visitors Bureau under the name Houston Culinary Tours, as well as Food Tours and other Culinary Events throughout the city.

About Taste of Houston Food Tours

Locals and tourists alike take part in a true exploration of various neighborhoods and communities in our activities, tours and events throughout Houston.

We are a locally run company featuring a community of people from different backgrounds that love Houston's great food, history, and culture, and want to preserve and promote it the right way.

Our goal for Taste of Houston Food Tours is to promote local history, architecture, culture, and cuisine in the greater Houston area through Food Tours, Dine Arounds, and a variety of culinary-based events.

We also work alongside our sister

We are committed to growing a company that utilizes local talent, provides jobs and employment for willing candidates, as well as a career development plan in the culinary tourism industry to those who are interested.

Taste of Houston Food Tours/Houston Culinary Tours is a proud part of Food Tour Corporation, North America's premiere Culinary Tour provider. Our sister company, 4Lobe Events, focuses on conception and development of innovative, exciting culinary-based events throughout North America.

Contact us by phone either at 713-554-1735 or 202-683-8847 or by email at email us at info@foodtourcorp.com to find out more about Taste of Houston Food Tours.

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for information on any other tours or events, contact us at 713.554.1735.