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A Houston Dine Around provides a custom and more formal experience than a Standard Food Tour. During a Dine Around, your group will visit fewer restaurants but receive multiple courses at each place.

During our customized Dine Around, you will spend more time at each restaurant allowing guests to enjoy a drink, mingle, or network. A Dine Around is completely customizable, and can be tailored to suit your needs, including start time, Houston Food Tours length, group size, restaurants, dishes, pairings, and neighborhood(s).

You can enjoy a Dine Around by motorcoach, where you drive from restaurant to restaurant, or by foot, walking from restaurant to restaurant within a neighborhood. You can also choose a combination of a walking and motorcoach based Dine Around to enjoy either areas throughout Houston.

We can combine Dine Arounds with receptions, non food related activities, or nearly anything else you would like.

The Houston Dine Around is currently Please ontact us by phone either at 713-554-1735 or 202-683-8847 or email us at info@foodtourcorp.comto learn more about our Houston Dine Arounds or to let us set one up for your group.

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