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Enjoy custom corporate and group Events, Tours and team building activities throughout Houston

Interested in a private event for your group? Whether it's a corporate teambuilding event, or a bachelorette party, our in-house event planning staff can help. We plan and execute a variety of original culinary-based events, tours and activities in order to satisfy the needs of your group.

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culinary events combine a meal and an actvity

A culinary event can be the highlight of a business retreat for close to the cost of a meal. It can serve as a team building activity, capable of bringing together divisions, allowing colleagues to work together in a completely different environment, and even act as a networking tool for companies looking to add to their client base.

easy setup

Offering a culinary event for your group is easy as sending an email. Provide us with your basic needs, and our award-winning creative team can put together an event that will surpass expectations while simultaneously fitting into the categories of time, place, and budget to name a few.

turnkey events

With over 2000 corporate clients throughout North America and beyond, we have a variety of turnkey events that have been successful in the past. Your account manager will be able to provide you with any number of example events at various price points

create something unique

If nothing looks quite right for you, we can certainly create something completely different that still maximizes your budget and timeframe.

Custom Culinary Events

Don't know what type of event would be best for your group? We can customize any of our activities in order to develop a flawless experience for you and your group. Our events and activities are suitable for groups of as small as 4 and as large as 4000 people.

Dine around

A Houston dine around brings together the best restaurants in the city in a more formal style than a standard food tour.

Dine arounds can be motorcoach based, and take clients from restaurant to restaurant around town, in a format that is similar to the chef led food tours.

If you prefer for your group to stay in a walkable neighbiorhood, your guide can take you from restaurant to restaurant in one of our many popular neighborhoods, including Downtown, Midtown, Montrose, Rice Village, the Heights (either White Oak or 19th street), Chinatown, or the Galleria, to name a few.


Culinary team building

Culinary team building has been found lately to be an extremely effective way for groups to effectively work together within an unfamiliar environment. By using their collective strengths, clients can achieve a set of common goals within a kitchen setting.

We work together with sister company 4Lobe Events to execute an activity that is not only exciting but also fun for all participants. Culinary team building events also are budget friendly as they act as an activity, a meal and a reception in one well planned product.


Iron chef inspired culinary challenge

The iron chef inspired culinary challenge is our most popular corporate team building event. Influenced by one of our favorite television shows, teams are divided by important roles and pitted against each other in a friendly competition to see who's dish is the most popular with our panel of judges.

As part of our award winning culinary challenge series, the client is the star.


Pub Crawl

A great way to unwind after a long day is a to take a pub or bar crawl in one of Houston's great neighborhoods. Can't decide which neighborhood? Your vehicle of choice will take you to great places throughout the city for great drinks, great history, and a great time.

We offer standard crawls to elaborate, 'VIP' treatment based on your requirements and budget.


Bachelorette and bachelor parties

We cater to wedding parties and offer exciting, fun, activities that take the planning out of bachelorette and bachelor activities prior to the wedding.

From simple nights out, to multi day itineraries, taste of Houston food tours has options for your group at a variety of price points.



Like any event company, taste of Houston and 4lobe can provide a great reception for your group. We add different elements and exciting additions for our victuals receptions that combine the intrigue, and cultural richness of a food tour with a standard reception. If the group is 200 or 2000, our event planning team can create something unexpected, innovative and value driven for your next reception.


Food Festivals

Conceptualized and executed by sister company 4Lobe Events, themed food festivals are available nationwide. Please contact us for additional information or see 4lobe.com


VIP tours and events

Our products are created to be enjoyed by the vast majority of consumers with taste for great food and drink.

If you or your client needs VIP or concierge level services, please contact us with your needs. Our concierge level staff is available 7 days a week for your every need. From behind the scenes activities showing where the great local chefs hang out to unique dining activities and venues in which to eat. the VIP products may be tours or events and involve great Houston chefs.


Standard food tours

A now classic Houston event are the standard walking tours promoted through the Houston culinary tours website and currently available in Downtown, Montrose and the Heights.

The original and still the best, our taste of Houston food tours have been enjoyed by locals and visitors for nearly three years throughout the city.


Market tours

Always delicious and at times difficult to navigate, market tours bring you to some of the many ethnic markets that serve various populations throughout Houston. Let one of our experts show you the ins and outs while you take in the sights, scents, and flavors abundant throughout the market.


Contact us at 713-554-1735 or email us at info@foodtourcorp.com to find out more about customized events and activities from Taste of Houston Food Tours.